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NexGen Oncology is pleased to announce that Televisits with your medical team are now available. A Televisit is an appointment you have with your physician, or other healthcare professional, using videoconferencing at home or another site. Visits can be done with or without the help of a healthcare professional on your end. Televisits can be great for:

  • busy individuals
  • anyone unable to leave home
  • a person who has to travel far to access medical care
  • someone who simply prefers a Televisit for convenience

If you are interested in Televisits, please discuss this option with your healthcare team to determine if such visits would be appropriate for your medical situation. Some insurance companies are starting to pay for Televisits, so we are happy to assist you in finding out if you have coverage. If not, as long as you and your physician determine Televisits are clinically appropriate, you always have the option to pay for such services privately.

There are different types of Televisits that the Texas Medical Board allows for patients already being seen at our practice and who have an established diagnosis:

  1. Private Home Televisit. You meet with a healthcare professional from the privacy of your home via videoconferencing. You simply need access to a telephone, PC computer equipped with a webcam and microphone, as well as a high speed Internet connection. Most laptops have these features already integrated.

  2. Assisted Home Televisit. If you are receiving home health or hospice services, the visiting nurse can assist with a Televisit. The nurse may even provide the equipment and Internet connection necessary for the visit.

  3. Televisit at an Established Medical Site. Televisits are also possible at places where another healthcare professional is available to help with the visit. (e.g., nurse or medical assistant at a primary care doctor’s office). The site can provide the equipment and Internet connection necessary for the visit and the healthcare professional can help with an exam, if necessary . Please note that the site may charge a fee for helping with the visit.

The web-based videoconferencing software used by NexGen is specifically designed for use in healthcare and is HIPAA-compliant, giving you the highest level of assurance that your privacy will be fully protected, just as it is during a face-to-face visit.