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Second Opinion Clinic
Cancer is a frightening diagnosis. Comfort can be found through a full understanding and evaluation of your treatment options. For many cancers, no one particular treatment is clearly the best for all patients. This is the motivation to seek a second opinion - a perfectly acceptable and common practice in cancer care.

Why a Second Opinion?
You, and only you, can weigh your options and make a choice among alternatives for treatment. Many times the best course is to seek a second opinion. In most cases, your physician will encourage you to learn as much as you can about your disease from reliable sources. Sometimes, asking another physician to review your case can help you feel confident about your treatment plan.

When to Seek a Second Opinion
Ideally, you should seek a second opinion after you have been diagnosed with cancer and before treatment has begun. This allows for the diagnosis information to be used to base your treatment, which can be difficult if treatment has already begun.

Our Physicians and You
At NexGen Oncology our nationally renowned and extensively practiced, Dr. Jivesh Sharma spearheads our equally qualified team of physicians who are committed to providing second opinions. With your permission, we will work with your physician to ensure you receive the best possible medical advice. Remember, this is an accepted and common practice in cancer care.

What Does a Second Opinion Entail?
Second opinions may include a physical examination and/or review of your pathology reports, laboratory tests and notes from the doctor who has diagnosed your cancer. Following this evaluation, our physician will discuss your recommended treatment options with you.

How to Use a Second Opinion?
We ask that you forward all your medical records, tests, and x-rays from your first opinion so the NexGen Oncology physician, giving the second opinion, has all the necessary information. These records will need to be received prior to your second opinion appointment, so the physician has time to review them. This will save time, and prevent duplication of tests with additional costs.

Most health plans pay for second opinions. Exactly how your insurance handles second opinions depends on your individual plan. We will assist in checking your policy about prior authorization, restrictions, and any associated out of pocket expenses.

Your Decision
It is important for you to feel comfortable and confident about the information you use to make decisions. As the patient facing a serious medical problem, you have to make decisions about accepting or refusing recommended treatments. A second opinion can help give you peace of mind about the choices you make.